Alufer Mining reaches 3-million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury

Alufer Mining reaches 3-million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury  

Alufer Mining Ltd marked a significant safety record, achieving 3-million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) on its Bel Air bauxite project in Guinea. No LTI has occurred since construction activities commenced on site in January 2017.

Resource Capital Fund VI L.P. has been a strategic partner to Alufer since 2015, with RCF Senior Associate, James Rattenbury and RCF Senior Project Director, Allan Brownrigg proud to present an RCF Safety Recognition to Alufer and its contractors at a safety meeting.

“This was the first time we have ever seen such a creative and enthusiastic safety message put together by workers which included a live demonstration complete with a safety cheer squad,” RCF’s James Rattenbury commented. “The demonstration dealt with several safety hazards and since it was presented in a visual form it resonated and was retained by the many people from Alufer and its four contractors – with a total of about 600 people in attendance,” he added.


Caption: (from left) James Rattenbury, RCF Senior Associate, Allan Brownrigg, RCF Senior Project Director, Phillip Nell, Bel Air Mining Acting H&S Manager, Gawie van der Westhuizen, DRA Construction Manager and Enna Borman, DRA HSE Manager

The no-LTI achievement is a challenging feat in any developed country let alone at Bel Air given the diverse workforce of the project with 1,400 employees, of whom over 660 are from “Impacted Villages”, 540 are from Guinea, and 261 foreign expats. Three different languages are spoken on site, including French, English and the local Susu dialect. The safety culture put in place is commendable, and recognizing this achievement reinforces the benefits of continued emphasis on safety.

Allan Brownrigg said: “Having attained 3-million man-hours without an LTI is very impressive at any job, but when you consider that this was achieved in a remote location with people on site speaking different languages and with diverse experience in construction, it is truly an amazing accomplishment. This is something of which all the staff at Alufer should be extremely proud.”

Good housekeeping and observance of safety signing were evident throughout Alufer’s major project work sites – a 28 km haul road from the future mine pits to the port; the stockpile/export facility; and the ore load-out causeway (photo below). Alufer’s Bel Air bauxite project remains on schedule and on budget to date, with first ore expected to be shipped in August 2018.

Alufer 2

Caption: Ore load-out causeway