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Tungsten: A Strategic Metal

What is tungsten? The name ‘tungsten’ comes from the Swedish words ‘tung sten’ meaning ‘heavy stone’ in reference to the mineral scheelite. Tungsten’s chemical symbol W comes from the German name Wolfram. Wolframite and scheelite are the two naturally occurring tungsten ores important for industrial use. In its raw form tungsten is a hard steel-grey […]

Interview with Chris Corbett

Chris Corbett is a Principal at RCF who is responsible for leading one of the firm’s deal teams. Before joining RCF, Chris’ early career was predominately field based as an engineer in country Australia, learning from hands on experience alongside operators. I’ve always enjoyed solving problems but it was a BHP Science Award and a […]

Market Update From RCF
James McClements, Managing Partner

It remains a tough environment for the mining sector with falling commodity prices and weak public markets impacting cash flows of operating companies and the capacity of emerging companies to progress development of projects. Having been involved with the mining sector for more than three decades, the current cycle, while painful for some at this […]

Firestone Diamonds PLC Proposed Standby Debt Facility

Resource Capital Funds advises that it recently reached an agreement, subject to shareholder approval, with Firestone Diamonds PLC (“Firestone”) to provide a standby debt facility and restructured mezzanine facility for the construction of its Liqhobong Mine Development Project in Lesotho, Africa. This investment follows a significant equity investment by Resource Capital Fund VI L.P. in […]

Interview with James McClements

RCF Managing Partner James McClements co-founded the firm in 1998 with a vision to enable resources development through private equity participation. Today he maintains a strong passion for the mining and resources industry which began during a childhood spent in the Pilbara. “My family moved from Perth to the town of Dampier in the Pilbara […]

Alloycorp Mining Announces Arrangements for US $435 Million in Financing

Resource Capital Funds (RCF) recently provided Toronto-based, Alloycorp Mining, a conditional equity investment commitment of US$140 million for the company’s construction capital requirements. The molybdenum developer, whose Avanti Kitsault Project is located approximately 120 kilometres north of British Columbia, will use an initial US$50 million of the commitment to repay the outstanding secured bridge loan […]